// Armin Beverungen (in print, 2024)

Automatisiertes Verhalten: Regierungskünste Bei Amazon

Wissensgeschichte Des Verhaltens. Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven, edited by Georg Toepfer and Sophia Gräfe. Berlin: DeGruyter.
As early as 2015, an article in the New York Times triggered a major discussion about Amazon’s competitive corporate culture, strongly influenced by company founder Jeff Bezos, and the rough…

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// Akteurinnen für urbanen Ungehorsam (2022)

Processed Food on the Urban Data Highway. Food Delivery Services as In_Visible Infrastructures in the Production of Urbanity

Platformization of Urban Life. Towards a Technocapitalist Transformation of European Cities, edited by Anke Strüver and Sybille Bauriedl. Berlin: Transcript Verlag.
The increasing platformization of urban life needs critical perspectives to examine changing everyday practices and power shifts brought about by the expansion of digital platforms mediating care-services, housing, and mobility.…

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// Maja-Lee Voigt and Paula Bialski/ Andreas Bischof/ Mace Ojala

CTRL + F_eminist futures_. Hacking algorithmic architectures of cities to come

Hacker Culture - the Conference Podcast. From EASST 2022 in Madrid.

In this episode of “Hacker Culture”, project member Maja-Lee Voigt introduces her former research on hackfeminist collectives, discussing how important especially FLINTA-hackspaces are in the production of urban spaces in an increasingly digitalized city.

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// Ilia Antenucci (pre-print, 2021)

Smart Cities, Smart Borders. Sensing Networks and Security in the Urban Space

Sensing In/Security. Sensors as Transnational Security Infrastructures, edited by Nina Klimburg-Witjes, Nikolaus Pöchacker, and Geoff C. Bowker. Manchester: Mattering Press.
Sensing infrastructures are increasingly disseminating and performing across the urban space techniques that are specific to borders, and especially to ‘smart’ borders, such as algorithmic profiling, biometrics recognition, scanning and…

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// Armin Beverungen (2021)

Kybernetischer Kapitalismus? Amazon, Algorithmisches Management und Aneignung

Die unsichtbare Hand des Plans Koordination und Kalkül im digitalen Kapitalismus., edited by Timo Daum and Sabine Nuss, 95–109. Berlin: Karl Dietz.
Supposedly, capitalism manages without planning because the “invisible hand” of the market mediates between our self-interests, between supply and demand, without this having to be planned or prejudged in advance.…

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// Armin Beverungen (2021)

Remote Control: Algorithmic Management of Circulation at Amazon

Explorations in Digital Cultures, edited by Marcus Burkhardt, Mary Shnayien, and Katja Grashöfer. Lüneburg: meson press.
This chapter examines how logistical media organize circulation at the online retailer Amazon. The chapter takes a look at the warehouse and the interaction of algorithmic management with architectural infrastructures…

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// Akteurinnen für urbanen Ungehorsam (2021)

Der Digitalität ausgeliefert!? – Essenslieferdienste zwischen verkörperten Codes, Un_Sichtbarkeit und städtischer (Re-)Produktion

kuckuck. notizen zur alltagskultur, 1(21): 28–32.
Zwischen knallig-künstlicher, fast aufdringlicher Sichtbarkeit und algorithmisch-abstrakter Unsichtbarkeit schwebend hat sich eine weitere Infrastruktur in unseren urbanen Alltag geschlichen: die der Informations- und Daten’lieferdienste‘. Konstruiert aus Codes, eingeschrieben in Apparchitekturen…

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