Automating the
Logistical City

Space, Algorithms, Speculation

Amazon and other online retailers are at the forefront of a retail logistics revolution that is transforming urban spaces. While Amazon’s and other patents point to speculation about automated futures, retail and logistical operations – from fulfillment centers to last-mile delivery – are already creating spaces and architectures open to automated logistics operations. The project conducts a systematic investigation of the impact of Amazon’s logistical operations on urban spaces, with three sub-studies that focus on how Amazon’s urbanism is currently changing the properties and relationships of urban space; Amazon’s algorithmic management coordinates data, people, and things; and Amazon’s patents speculate on automated futures of logistical cities.

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Call for Participation – Interviewpartner*innen gesucht!

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Are you an Amazon (Flex) delivery driver? Then we’re looking for you! We’re curious to learn more about your everyday life, the work you do, your urban knowledge, and how you think Amazon is influencing society and city space.

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// Monday, May 27, 2024, Berlin

Unboxing Amazon at re:publica 2024!

re:publica24 banner in black with the conferences name and dates. Beneath, the title of the talk on a white background: "Unboxing Amazon - How Amazon is taking over (public) infrastructures and why we should care by Maja-Lee Voigt"

Tech companies like Amazon have quietly become our neighbors in cities. Automating the Logistical City’s Maja-Lee Voigt talked about how they are gaining governmental power and are often perceived as a standard at the re:publica 2024 in Berlin.

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// Armin Beverungen (in print, 2024)

Automatisiertes Verhalten: Regierungskünste Bei Amazon

Wissensgeschichte Des Verhaltens. Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven, edited by Georg Toepfer and Sophia Gräfe. Berlin: DeGruyter.
As early as 2015, an article in the New York Times triggered a major discussion about Amazon’s competitive corporate culture, strongly influenced by company founder Jeff Bezos, and the rough…

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