Mapping with interview citations of a Cyber_Feminist_City
// Niloufar Vadiati/ Maja-Lee Voigt

Cyber-Feminist Urbanism, a conversation with Maja-Lee Voigt

Episode 2_Cyber-Feminist Urbanism, a conversation with Maja-Lee Voigt

In this episode of “Digital Urbanism, from the Grassroots”, project member Maja-Lee Voigt was invited to talk about her former research on cyber-feminist urbanism, the importance of small hacking collectives as city makers, and academic activism with the host Niloufar Vadiati.

You’ll find more information about the project “Grassroots Digital-Urbanism – Reshaping Urban Space and Governance in Berlin” here.

Special thanks and shout-out to the hackfeminist collectives – Heart of Code, f.u.c.k. cologne, Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory, die Haecksen, and obn – who made this research possible. Danke so!!…for sharing your time, knowledge, and experiences with me! Your work gives me hope in these often hopeless times!