// 30 November 2021 (4pm)

CDC Forum: In Convenience, with Joshua Neves and Marc Steinberg

The felt sense that we inhabit a convenience economy and culture is by now widespread. Nested in this understanding are ideas about ease and comfort, perpetually new technologies, and empowered consumers, on the one hand, and growing inequalities and frictions between the speed and exhaustion that convenience engenders, on the other. While conveniences involve the social production of inequality, a focus on ease, time, and technologized efficiency are not sufficient to grasp and critique this shared sense of a divided world. Convenience it is a condition we inhabit within contemporary capitalism, and must be submitted to rigorous analysis, historical and conceptual. That even proponents of radical politics assume that convenience will be part of a post-capitalist society, suggests the relational nature of what we term in convenience in this talk. Responding to this condition requires us to think beyond simply not clicking “buy now“.

Joshua Neves and Marc Steinberg (both Concordia University, Montreal) will be in conversation with members of the “Automating the Logistical City” project to explore how Amazon can be situated in a contemporary culture of convenience.

The presentation and discussion will take place via Zoom.